Fashion Freaks Sneak peek part 2!!

If you are like me, you will drool over this sneak preview of what is waiting you on the Fashion Freaks hunt 2!

First, this amazing and completely dress outfit by Sassy Kitty designs... what can I say other then I fell in love with it the second I put it on ? Kinu just made an awesome work with that Lamp dress, yes you heard it!! Lamp dress. But trust me, there is nothing that scream more Fashion Freaks then this dress, coming with a pair of killer black boots and an awesome pearl choker.. I am in love... awwwhh

To fit in your dramatic Lamp Dress outfit look, why not matching it with the black lips skin that Sys is offering you in the fashion freaks hunt 2! The mix of both pearly skin and dark makeups makes it absolutely gothicfabulous! But it is not only for the darkest hearts, far from it! I already adopted it and it is just gorgeoussss!!!!

If you are a girlie girl like me, you cannot resist hearts sticker on your cheek! That is exactly what :DresseR! if offering us! YAY big kodos for the awesome Shelly! It comes in two versions, red for the romantic in your or black for the ones that likes to show their glamourous girlie side in a more discrete way. Either way, they make for the complete the perfect diva night outfit! For those that prefers the more classic yet always so glamourous style, you will fall in love with that fabulous outfit from Delicious. She is offering an other of her splendid creation in the fashion freaks hunt 2! Those could remember the ''delicious'' summer dress she gave away in the first one! Well this one just compete with ferocity and makes my heart beat faster.... awwhs

Did I say I was a fashion addict ? Now I think that it is clear and I am out of the closet with all those fabulous creations.

Stay tune, because you know I love to give you just a little bit of drooling each day, to better start the countdown till september 15th!

Avy Fhang