Fashion Freaks Sneak Peek Part 3

And the coutdown is only a question of hours... Here is more sneak peeks of what you could get in the fashion freaks hunt 2

No such thing then a pair of new sandals to start the day. All shoes freaks will tell you, shoes are just the best thing created in this world (and the others). MMP! My Pretty Pixel! is offering us an other creation to drool over. With their black and blue color they are another sublime creation by Morgane.

This soft sculpted dress in blue is making me believe that Summer is still there and is simply irresistible. auTre is offering you this cute dress in the hunt :D

This outfit makes me wanna jump on the bed and start a pillow fight, then do my nails and gossip for a girl night out! Its sexy, looks just so comfy and it's pink! *evie* knows how to steal a girl heart and this one is a must have on my list of free items that you can cherish in your inventory forever.

You got the outfit, you got the dance now what do you wait ? Just dance! More seriously, this cute freaky outfit from Boof, available for both men and women is just to die for in a list of freaky stuff to grab in the fashion freaks hunt! Plus, this little cute stage will bring the entertainer in each of us! So let's... get the freak on!

Don't you wanna pose for me babeh ? Just a Pose is offering you one pose for Him and one for Her in this package for the fashion freaks hunt 2! get it only here and for free! I luv poses. yay

Virus offers you such a sexy and urban skirt outfit in the hunt! This top reveal just enough and this skirt is just dirty and grunge like we love it! Keeps the girlie side perfectly fine, while giving you a rocker look that you'll simply adore! Only in the fashion freaks hunt 2!