Rules for members:

The group chat has been disabled at the moment, since we had many complains of people abusing it.

Rules for designers:

a. One notice per day maximum.

b. Make sure you send a notecard attached with your notice. Send information about your bargain or new release, but keep the details for the notecard. Don't send only a LM.

c. You cannot send notices in the group about recruiting Fashion Freaks members in a fashion group sales (You may ask for an approval to Avy Fhang).

d. We accept only designers with original work (no resellers or business in a box, mall or clubs) in the group. We want only quality products.

What are the benefits to be a Fashion Freaks designer ?
- You are automatically accepted in the Fashion Freaks hunts
- You can reach over 1500 members and bloggers
- You get great exposure with group, events and hunts
- It's FREE!