Fashion Freaks hunt sneak peek! Part 1

Here is the time to reveal some exclusive items you can get your hand on in the Fashion Freaks hunt 2 and maybe make you drool over them until the hunt start...

This fabulous knit dress is perfect to stay sexy and warm during autumn season! .:Shush:. is proud to offer it in the fashion freaks hunt 2, including two versions of skirt (prim and sculpted) that should fill out diversity in taste!!! The best in it, it is absolutely free!!

ROZENA SKIN is offering you this great skin for free in the Fashion Freaks hunt 2. Enjoy it's pinkish color and delicate traits, as well as its amazing details and great shadings. Who doesn't love to enjoy a different skin now and then ? Grab it in the Fashion Freaks hunt 2!

Divalicious is always delicious and they prove it with this dark, sexy and flirty dress outfit. Offers an awesome cleavage, some fishnet and reveals just enough to make head turns ... to eye you out ! Be sexy, with this exclusive offer from Divalicious and only available at the Fashion Freaks hunt 2 !

Carrasco's is gonna seduce both the women and man with this gift! You can get it both for yourself and your lover and be the perfect match for a night out dancing under the stars or just to plain tell the world you love each other in green and black! All this in the fashion freaks hunt 2!

Finally, for this first part of Fashion Freaks hunt 2 review, I present you Snowpaws fashion hunt gift. This fluffy dress, with its touch of colors seems freshly out of the contemporary art galery! I love it! Different, sexy, artistic! That's what showpaw offers you exclusive in the fashion freaks hunt 2!

Stay tune for the new Sneak Peeks !!
Avy Fhang

.:Shush:. Owner
Fashion Freaks CEO