Fashion Freaks Hunts

The Bling Hunt! september 30th - october 30th 2014

Sponsors list *Updated august, 13*

Cynful Clothing Co
Diesel Works
WOW Skins

Fashion Freaks is proud to Present The Bling hunt!!

Starts: september 30st, 2014
Ends: october 30th, 2014

Theme: Related to bling and everything that shines!


Group for Hunters: @-FaShIoN FrEaKs-@ (copy and paste it then click to open)

Price : 1L per hunt item (a total of 48)

Store slurl and Hint list :

1. LadyLuck - I wear my crown, surrounded by shiny crystal. What a royalty life!

2. Lolita - Girls love diamonds

3. MoDANNA - I'm on a horse!

4. Sassy! - You can't be tired from hunting already!  Well, if you are, I guess you should find a place to relax.

5. [Cynful] Clothing & Co.- $$$

6. Epic  - You don't have to be carded to enjoy this gift!

7. Babydoll. - to check out the upper floor...use the STAIRCASE.. :P

8. Diesel Works - Behind the vendors

9. Wow skins - we so love sexy cowgirls!

10. Blah. - Let your inner STARSHINE bright

11. { dollle* } - Rip It Off !

12. sexZ - I'm the king of the jungle!

13. Blink2Wink - Make sure your pencil dress is ready to go for when you get invited to a Bling Bling event.

14. .Figure. - 1, 2, 3 start looking for me, the little crown is hiding in plain view. Look at the big bottles and it will be shown to you

15. [trs] - A crown fit for a (furry) Princess.

16. A&CO - Lets Play! I am just around the corner .

17. Skip

18. 1 Hundred.Take a seat! 

19. Aphrodisiac - We watch a lot of TV.

20.[RunAway] - there is some meow =^.^=

21. Skip

22. /heathenesque/ - Bling on the Edge 

23. adored Bodyshop - Meow life

24. deer - deers thought me

25. RD Style - fish king

26. speakeasy tattoo co. - Take a photo it will last longer 

27. Adjunct - where there is smoke, there is...

28. alterego - Dont wake the prom queen.

29. {TCS} Shoes & Accessories - Take a load off.

30. Skip

31. Kenvie - sun shine's bright  but gets  blocked 

32. Holli Pocket - These cutiehs are all about pastels but also love their bling bling too

33. Pink Acid Reading While Checking Out

34. TaOx TaTToO - You have an appointment with your tattoo artist Bling bling, take place on the tattoo chair, or wait your turn, I'm not far, barely hidden!

35. cheeky - I love my Booty chain

36. Static - Have a seat!

37. V-Spot  - Let the Pipe Lamp guide you!

38. [ free bird ] - Everyone wants to be a Princess. The Scroll proves it!

39. POMPOSITY - Sit like a king or queen and look for the crown

40. #187# - The butterfly will keep your gift safe from the bear.

41. {le fil casse} - grab a few more things to try on

42. TartCake - What do you say when you cling your glass with another person?

43. INES CREATIONS - On the wall

44. .biddy. - Whats large dirty and needs water?

45. Skip

46. Skip

47. Tabou irresistible i am a spoiled child, every month i get a new one

48. Phobia - I fly high up and reach the top!